Where can my patients buy GumChucks?

GumChucks are available through Dentist offices and online only. If you like GumChucks enough to recommend them, please consider selling them to your patients. It’s a great way to help your patients improve their oral and overall health! And another way to stay connected to your patients. Selling GumChucks products also provides another revenue stream you can feel good about.

Do dentists get special pricing?

Absolutely. To see Dental Professional pricing enter the store through this Link, or through the Professional Pricing pull down menu under any of the Dental Professionals tabs. The link takes you to an item called  “Automatic Professional Pricing Approval”  for $0.00 – Simply add this to your cart and now you will see Discounted Dental pricing!  When you place an order your new account will be marked with Dental Professional status – so whenever you log in you will see Professional pricing, resources and products!  Remember to add the “Automatic Professional Pricing Approval” to your cart!!

How do you know you’re seeing your reduced prices?  The label by the price will say “Professional Price”

Note: If you’re having trouble viewing the correct prices, have any other issues, or would rather order by phone, please call  855-424-8257 toll free.

How do I set up an account with you?

To Register as a Dental Professional – enter the store through this Link, or through the Professional Pricing pull down menu under any of the Dental Professionals Tabs. The link takes you to an item called “Automatic Professional Pricing Approval” for $0.00 – Simply add this to your cart and now you will see Discounted Dental pricing! When you place an order your new account will be marked with Dental Professional status – so whenever you log in you will see Professional pricing, resources and products! If you decide to not place an order at this time – go ahead and click LOG IN in the upper right corner – and create an account – the system will remember that you are a dental professional.

What's the best, or easiest, way to introduce GumChucks to my patient – we’ve never really sold anything before?

1)We suggest that you give every patient as they check in a GumChucks Brochure that they can read while they wait. These brochures are FREE with any order and can be found in the Marketing Materials section of the store – you have to be logged in to see this section of the store!

2)The other suggestion is that you use the New PRO TECH Autoclavable Stainless Steel handles during your patient’s prophy. Then you can say something like…”Dr ____ is recommending this great new flossing tool called GumChucks, I am using it on you now, I like it because it…. They are only sold in dentist offices and we sell them here, would you like to me to show you how to use it?” Customize it so it’s natural for you! Just talk about what you like, if you’re excited about the product they will be too. And if your patient has already read about GumChucks in the waiting area, then the time you spend explaining is shortened.

3) Make sure you have the product in the operatory, so the patient can hold and look at the packaging while you discuss how its used.

4) View a video of a Webinar

5) Request a Webinar be set up for your office – this way we can answer your specific questions and develop a customized strategy for your office.

Why are GumChucks better than flossing picks or flossers?

Proper flossing requires making “C” shape, wrapping the floss around the tooth to get beneath the gum line. GumChucks is one of the only tools beside your fingers that can do this. Flossers hold the floss in a straight position, you simply can’t wrap the floss around the tooth.

GumChucks are also easier to use, and allow you to control the tension of the floss. By controlling and adjusting the tension of the floss you can easily get between tight teeth and, reduce the incidence of gum cutting with the floss.

Why are GumChucks better than regular floss?

The two handles provide for better leverage, keep the floss taut for smooth & painless entry, and avoid cut off blood circulation from floss-wrapped fingertips. They are easier to use for everyone, but especially helpful for those with limited dexterity, such as seniors or children. Another major plus is that the user’s fingers never enter the mouth, so GumChucks are much more sanitary.

How do I use the handles?
  1. Attach a pair of floss connected tips to each handle.
  2. Floss! Move the handles back and forth in opposite directions, making sure to wrap the floss around the tooth and getting way down into the gum line. Making the recommended “C” shape is easy using two handles.
  3. Move on to the next pair of teeth! Now you’re flossing in record time.
  4. When done simply press the buttons on the bottom of each handle to eject the tips!

It’s as simple as Click, Floss and Toss!

Can the flossing tips be re-used?

The tips are designed for one-time use. However, in a pinch they can be used twice.

How do I remove the tips?

At the end of each handle is a push button. Pushing these buttons will release the tips!

What is ORTHOgami?

ORTHOgami is a revolutionary flossing device for ortho patients. The patented flossing tips allow the user to safely and quickly floss and entire set of brackets in under two minutes!

I love my travel case, I have one in my purse and in my travel bag, but I just bought the loose tips. How do I get the loose tips to fit into my travel case tray?

Simply lay a set of connected tips over the first slot in the blue tray, then using an empty handle push down on each white plastic flossing head. They will pop into the tray with just a little pressure!

Is it expensive?

It is slightly more expensive that just using floss or the flossers. But if the floss and the flossers sit in your bathroom unused – then they are way too expensive.

GumChucks make flossing fast, easy and fun, so they are more likely to get used! So what’s a couple additional pennies a day, when you get life long health benefits.

Floss tips are approximately $0.20 per day.

Handles are a onetime purchase, and they should last for years and years.

What’s the difference between the Loose Tips and the Refills Cartridges?

Both packages contain 60 tips – a two month supply if you flossing once a day. The 6 Pack Refill Cartridges contain 6 of the cartridge trays pre-loaded with 10 tips each. These trays are designed to slide into your travel case and are a great way to store and transport your GumChucks. The Loose Tip 60 pack bags are just that, a bag loaded with 60 loose tips. Less packaging so better for the environment.

I am recovering from the flu, do I need to throw out my GumChucks handles, like I would with a tooth brush?

No, you don’t! GumChucks can be cleaned and sterilized in your dishwasher. Because of their small size – we would recommend placing them in a small utensil basket and securing them so they don’t fall through the basket holes.

Are GumChucks easier for kids to use than regular floss or flossers?

Absolutely, GumChucks improve your dexterity, extend your reach and make creating the “C”shape with the floss very easy. Even very young children can use GumChucks – although children under 3 should always be supervised by an adult. And most importantly they are fun to use – which helps them establish a life long healthy habit of flossing!

What are the Designer Handles?

We offer 7 different styles of Designer Handles. These handles make it easy to tell whose handles are whose. They also let you add some personality to you flossing! They make great gifts and perfect stocking stuffers. Click to see all the designs.

Do you have any marketing materials that will help us sell GumChucks?

Yes, we have lots of marketing aids:
Brochures and Brochure holders for your waiting room and operatories.
A Game App called Weapons of Plaque destruction that can be loaded onto your game consoles.
Info videos that can be loaded to your waiting room monitors.
Downloadable Coloring pages, flossing charts, award certificates and more.

Do you have any info for our patient blog or newsletter?

Yes, you are welcome to any content on our website, Facebook page or YouTube channel.

Watch GumChucks Flossing in Action