GumChucks Adult PRO FLOSS

Is the only flossing system of its kind. Resembling miniature nunchucks, they feature disposable tips that are connected by a piece dental floss. The unique two-handle system increases dexterity and control allowing you to easily make the dentist-recommended “C” shape with the floss.


  • Handles let you easily reach back teeth.
  • No more cut off circulation from floss wrapped fingers.
  • Hygienic – no fingers in your mouth.
  • Easy to wrap the floss around the tooth, removing more plaque and bacteria.
“As a Periodontist, I have instructed patients how to properly floss countless times. It is really challenging for most patients to achieve the proper c-shape necessary for effective plaque removal. Patients find it tedious, time consuming, and just don’t do it. I often describe to my patients that they need to literally “hug” their teeth everyday. Imagine my surprise when I used Gumchucks for the first time. My teeth never felt cleaner! The educator was educated. Gumchucks have put the fun back in flossing! Have you hugged your teeth today? “
Dr. Karen Wager-Zadeh,
“I am an avid Gum Chucks user, a 91 year young customer and promoter of Gum Chucks…even today in the hospital in Santa Clarita for my redo on my 5 year old knee replacement. My daughter, RDHAP, started me off with a set of Gum Chucks about 2 or 3 years ago…time flies …I am using them as I lay here after a meal post surgery..doing okay. The demo was for my nursing team. Arthritis makes it difficult for me to hold a bit of floss or even the conventional holders available…but Gum Chucks are the greatest thing ever.  My hygienist daughter said my periodontal condition is excellent, not just good as my pocket depths are only 2mm…throughout my mouth (I have all my own teeth..thank God). Well, thanks for the great invention and keep up the good job. “
Mary, CA
“These are perfect for my senior patients. As an RDH flossing with traditional dental floss seems so easy, but my older patients really have a hard time with it. Gumchucks Pro Floss is perfect for anyone with dexterity issues. My seniors love it! “
Ann, TX
“GumChucks are the BEST, new at home dental product since the electric toothbrush! “
Dr. Mike Tornow, NM
“Just discovered this amazing product…flossing isn’t fun until you’ve GUM CHUCKED IT! I am SOOOOO excited to share this. “
Sarah, CA
“Received a sample at the Hinman Dental meeting. Love it! Since I got the sample I’ve flossed more regularly and have done a better job than ever in my life.  “
Michael, IL
“My son got mad when I stole his GumChucks! Had to buy my own – love ’em. “
Stacy, OH